Over 1 million Kenyans to lose Jobs after NASA boycott of Safaricom , Bidco and Equity


One million Kenyans risk losing their jobs if NASA goes ahead with its economic boycott of Safaricom, a dealers association claims.

Chairperson Esther Muchemi said the political stalemate and campaigns for election has already lowered Mpesa commissions.

She said the boycott will force Safaricom Dealers Association to downsize in order to meet operational costs.

“This is purely bad politics. We urge our politicians to sober up. We are choking. Let them calm down and listen to us. Let them stick to politics and let us run the businesses,” she said at a press briefing aired on KTN on Monday.

The dealers’ association operates independently but has members authorised by Safaricom.

Muchemi said politics should not target any firm or company.

“We appeal to all Kenyans to resist such calls to kill our economy. Boycotting Safaricom means no communication networks and those who will loose jobs are our brothers and sisters with families to feed and children to educate,” she said.

Jerim Ouko, the association’s Nyanza representative, noted many Kenyans depend on Safaricom for communication and financial transactions.

“Safaricom was not that big; we have grown with them and seen them become a local company that has invested in Kenyans. It is dealers who have made them win customers and connections to the rest of the world,” he said.

Ouko said boycott calls will cripple the mobile telephone sector.

“Kenyans must think carefully before fighting battles that will affect the economy and haunt their conscience,” he said.

Opposition MPs have asked supporters to boycott products and services by Safaricom, Brookside and Bidco as part of the resistance movement.

At a press conference at Okoa Kenya in Nairobi on Friday, the leaders wore white T-shirts with clenched fists on them, symbolic of the resistance.

They chanted ‘Resist!’ after each of the companies was mentioned.

Their goal – ” to bring the institutions to their knees” – follows NASA leader Raila Odinga’s announcement that the National Super Alliance had changed into a national resistance movement.

The leaders noted the boycott was part of the economic liberation scheme supported by the People’s Assembly.

Source : The star .

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