Aden Duale buys broke Antony Kibagendi’s Political Networth for KES 500K



After the much awaited defection of Anthony Kibagendi from ODM to Jubilee Party that was very much publicized on social media, everyone was keen to see how the events unfolded.

Kibagendi is a very good PR person who spends more time on our Tv screens analyzing politics but performs very dismally when relating with voters, his neighbors alone at Matoke area in Nyabururu despise him for being a person who has misplaced priorities, a person who brags allover that he is a millionaire yet he does not even own a house on his name, a spendthrift who stays at Makao Guest House next to the OASIS Hospital yet he has been to many reality Tv shows to advice youths and entrepreneurs on how to be successful, rich and manage startup businesses, his own private security firm went bankrupt.

Anthony Kibagendi has been broke since 2013 after spending a lot on his campaigns, and in 2017 he is yet to pay back his debts, no wonder for the last 2 years he has spent more time shuttling between the office of Phillip Etale who is the ODM Director of Communication for handouts and media houses to tell Kenyans how Jubilee had failed Kenyans and how ODM was the better option.

After the 2017 ODM Primaries for the Kitutu Chache South parliamentary primaries which Anthony Kibagendi lost terribly to Samwel Omwando, Kibagendi started to cry all over, according to him the Party “owners” he had been defending for years had now turned against him, he still claims that he was “rigged” this is despite that, every Kitutu Chache South resident who took part of the ODM Primaries, knows that Kibagendi lost fairly including at his own St. Josephs Nyabururu polling station.

Chris Obure who was given 30% of all the employment opportunities in the county and did not even employ a single youth, has been desperately looking for ways to connect with the youths whom the majority support the incumbent Governor James Ongwae, his team then saw a loose dog without an owner barking all over that needed to be taken care of, they met him and broke a deal, Kibagendi was offered the job of running Obure’s social media which he gladly took. He has since been recruiting idiots who cannot even construct a sentence to defend his sponsor but only copy and paste whatever he inboxes them.

No sooner had he taken over his new job, he already started to be beg the Obure-Nyachae led Obomo Caucus to connect him to the Jubilee Party honchos in Nairobi, early last week the Obomo Caucus finally got fed up of the over-nagging Kibagendi and made a call to The Jubilee Party Secretary Raphael Tuju, Tuju then instructed Walter Mong’are AKA Nyambane to facilitate Kibagendi and his supposed team of ODM Youth leaders that were to defect to Jubilee Party.

After getting his wish, Anthony Kibagendi then hurriedly assembled a bunch of idlers who are mostly university students and not even registered in Kisii County currently on their long holidays and coached them to impersonate themselves as ODM Youth leaders, some of them are even registered voters in Nyamira County, but Raphael Tuju being experienced and smart was already aware of all the monkey business that Kibagendi was playing, he knew that Kibagendi just wanted to take a photo with him at Jubilee House to use for his PR purposes.

At Jubilee House Tuju then called Aden Duale, The National Assembly Majority Leader and Isaac Mwaura who were also around by coincidence to join them, in the agenda-less meeting that lasted less than 30 minutes where everyone was struggling to take at least a selfie or a photo nothing much was discussed. Kibagendi was just given the airtime to spew all he had to the media and then take a photo with Raphael Tuju shaking hands.

Anthony Kibagendi was shocked that the Secretary-General did not even offer him an appointment with the Party leader or his Deputy, he was shocked when he was instructed to go back to Kisii and look for votes instead of spending time on media analyzing nothing, he is still in shock that he was promised nothing, just an assurance of something to him that wasn’t mentioned after he delivers, for now only 500,000 is what they could give him and worst still share amongst his team of 50 idlers.

June 18th 2017 will always be remembered for being the day the political obituary for Anthony Kibagendi was announced, a young man who previously had a bright political future but now deeply in the political wilderness just because he let tumbocracy and the thirst for the brown envelope lead him astray.

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