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  • God’s Purpose For Your Life (and how to find it)

    By Mike Ward on January 17, 2017 Waking up feeling purposeless is incredibly frustrating. You look around and see your friends and coworkers living passionate, engaged, meaningful lives. They have deep relationships, rewarding jobs and a sense of direction that compels them

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  • Je, Ungemchagua nani Rais? Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda , Tanzania zikiwa nchi moja?

    Kenya,Uganda,Tanzania,Burundi,Rwanda.Zikiamua ziwe na Rais mmoja tu Wewe utamchagua nani kati ya Hawa?  

  • Meet this 24 year old Kenyan Musician who is very promising

      Picture : Artist : Meshack Koech , Poses for the Camera.  Many artists in Kenya , rap  fans or otherwise, know of  legends like size 8  and k, but a new generation of artists are bringing refreshing new talent to

  • Cubano
  • The Rise and Fall of Club Cubano – Once a dominant entertainment spot.

    Have you been to Cubano lately? If yes , then you probably know what i am about to talk about, Well lets start on a good note. Cubano came into the market by opening its 1st club at Greenspan Mall Donholm. Its popularity grew because

  • Vicmass
  • From Rags To Riches !.Vicmass LuoDollar was once a Hawker in Kisumu – Respect

      I think it is now a given that we need to ‘synonymize’ Vicmass LuoDollar to the term ‘hustler’, forget The Kenyan Deputy President type of ‘hustle’ but a true, legit hustle like what Vicmass LuoDollar did that brought him

  • Financial Muscle: Diamond is East Africa’s richest musician followed closely by Akothee, Net worth over 400 Million KES

      Diamond Wealth A lot of questions have been raised concerning Tanzanian singer Diamond’s fortunes and whether he is the richest musician in Tanzania and East Africa as a whole. Well it appears that after years of speculation reports now

  • Kenyan Boxer Benson Gicharu wins Gold in the AIBA Olympics , Congrats

      Boxing Update Congratulations to Kenyan Boxer Benson Gicharu who won Gold in the AIBA Olympics qualifiers after overcoming Hector Luis Garcia in the Bantam Weight final. Gicharu had already qualified for the Olympics. He achieved this without a coach.

  • The Naughty Bride surprises Ex-Boyfriend !

    When You attend Your EX- girlfriends’ wedding and she announces she’s a virgin, that she had been keeping herself pure for her future husband!!!

  • PHOTOS: Meet the MZUNGU (Foreigners) Hustlers in Nairobi, Kenya has highest informal jobs in Africa

    Kenya has the highest informal sector employment among nine countries covered in a new report by the United Nations’ Economic Commission for Africa. Employment in the sector stands at 77.9 per cent of the total ahead of Rwanda’s 73.4 per


      FORMER FIRST Lady Lucy Kibaki dies while undergoing treatment in Bupa Cromwell Hospital in London



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