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  • WHY People don’t like the TRUTH
  • Leady cheating in Kenya
  • Man sets up elaborate ruse to dump his cheating Wife

    Husband alibuy line ya Airtel kusuprise wife akiwa kitchen then akaenda sitting room kumcall na hiyo number mpya “HALLO DARLING” wife akajibu kwa sauti ya chini “KATA NITAKUPIGIA ..,HII NG’OMBE YANGU IKO sitting room”

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  • Show your Son and Daughter this Photo
  • Lady gets a Rude Shock from her Valentine
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  • Kenyan Pastor denies God …

      A man with an AK47 ran into a church and pointed the gun at the congregation saying,”who is a child of GOD here?! Let me send him or her to heaven?!” The congregation remained silent. He then released one

  • fools the police
  • A Prisoner sent a text message to his Dad and the Police did the Unthinkable

    A prisoner got a text message from his father who was a farmer; “My son, this year i won’t plant cassava and yams because i can’t dig the shamba. I know if you were here you would have helped me.”

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  • Pete Edochie Collection of Proverbs will blow your mind away

      1. It is not hunger that makes a cat to be smaller than a tiger, It is its nature. 2. Girls are like mangoes, while you are waiting for them to be ripe, others are eating them with salt. 3. When

  • Busted

    A lady lost three panties in the house and she blamed the maid for the loss infront of her husband..the maid said “sir,yu are my witness yu know I dont wear panties”

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  • Just Being Nice is Easy

    A LIZARD CAN, WHY CAN’T WE? This is a true story that happened in Japan. In order to renovate the house, someone in Japan breaks open the wall. Japanese houses normally have a hollow space between the wooden walls. When

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  • A man must Invest in his FAMILY!

    IS this how a real man should Invest ?



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