FINALLY CS Ann Waiguru CONFIRMS Raila was RIGHT, Corruption is RAMPANT in entire Uhuru Government



November 4, 2015
Devolution CS has decried “personal attacks” over claims Sh8 billion allocated the ministry was spent on inflated-price purchases.

Anne Waiguru said the attacks were “calculated evil, vindictive, ill intentioned” and “a distraction from the work the Ministry has been doing in the last two years”.

“It’s amazing that whereas there are similar and more serious allegations of misuse of funds in many government departments, there is never the personalized level of attack on CSs that has been directed at me. Surely this is no longer about the fight against corruption,” the CS said on Facebook on Wednesday.

Waiguru said the media has been attacking her for the last three months while refusing to recognise her role as CS.

“I have no such TV screen or piano in my office. I do not purchase anything for the ministry. I don’t sign or negotiate contracts.”

The CS said she called in investigative authorities where instances of possible malpractice were brought to her attention.

“At no point has any investigation either by EACC, CID or any other body pointed to my personal engagement with corrupt deals.”

On Tuesday, the committee received a register stating that the ministry spent Sh450,000 for 18 custom-made condom dispensers.



The ministry’s asset register also revealed Sh1.7 million was spent for a screen in CS Anne Waiguru’s office and Sh12 million for an office partition, in the 2013/2014 financial year.

The register, presented by PS Peter Mangiti, listed purchase of a copier at Sh1.5 million, while Sh1.9million was spent for free downloadable Adobe software and Sh250,000 for ten flash disks.

The Devolution ministry is said to have lost Sh45 billion which it collected from the Eurobond floated by the government.

The money is said to have been used in projects that can not be accounted for within the ministry.

The department of planning was allocated the second largest share of the money after infrastructure.

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