Financial Muscle: Diamond is East Africa’s richest musician followed closely by Akothee, Net worth over 400 Million KES



Diamond Wealth

A lot of questions have been raised concerning Tanzanian singer Diamond’s fortunes and whether he is the richest musician in Tanzania and East Africa as a whole.

Well it appears that after years of speculation reports now have it that one of Africa most leading and most Influential Artist Diamond Platnumz could be one of East Africa’s highest earning and paid artist in the African.

This includes his highest selling ringtones by various mobile phone companies to expensive concerts, tours and endorsements brand ambassadorial deals, royalties, endorsements from various companies like from some of the world’s largest companies like Coca cola, Vodacom, DSTV and Red Gold.

In a nutshell, the musician who hailed from a humble background way back is currently the top paid earning  millions from his music that has made  him both a multi-millionaire and a billionaire in his country .

The Make Me Sing hit-maker recently revealed to E! TV that his net worth – a whopping $4 million (KSh405 million), placing him as one of the wealthiest artists in Africa.

The colossal amount has not come as a surprise to many, considering Diamond Platnumz is the most paid, decorated and sought-after artiste in Tanzania.

Take for instance his performances in Tanzania, reportedly costs close to Sh 400,000 per show. Outside he charges not less than Sh 2.5 million per show, with the best being when he demanded for the huge sum of Sh 10 million for a performance in Kigali, Rwanda.

Diamond also owns Wasafi Records which is said to demand for Sh 30,000 per audio recording and Sh 600, 000 for a video recording.


Akothee Wealth

Regerded to as Kenya’s wealthiest female musician this singer is alleged to be worth ksh 300 million.

While she has proved her capabilities in music , many have wondered about her source of wealth. The video to her song Djele Djele set her back ksh 1 million while her next Chengerere cost her ksh 4 million and was shot in South Africa.

Akothe got married at 14 and stayed there for 10 years. The man she married fell in love with another woman and kicked her without her three children. She started out as a matatu driver on route 108 that ply the Gachie before later moving to Mombasa. There she met a dutch man who took her to Holland and did a dancing gig that paid her ksh 300,000.

She then went back to her former husband and stole her children and started living with them. Fast forward to six years ago when she met a rich French man who was also an ambassador. This she says was her turn around as the man sent her ksh 80 million to build a house. He also recently gave her a Prado during her birthday.

Singer Akothee wants to cement her name in the list of high flying Kenyans by buying her own private jet.
For a while, Akothee has been hiring private choppers to facilitate her movement around the country but now it seems she is tired of traveling in someone else’s chopper. She was seen window shopping for planes and word quickly started spreading she wanted to buy her own private jet.

Many may doubt whether she has the cash to buy a private jet but then again Akothee has proved a couple of times she has the means to be a little extravagant.

Buying a personal jet is not cheap, even top notch millionaires know that, actually only a few African celebrities like P Squire and Davido are known to actually own one.

Akothee Family and Childrden

Esther Akothee has three daughters and two sons from different



marriages.Akothee had four daughters from her first marriage and bore three children between the ages of 14 to 16. One of her kids died because she could not afford to take her to hospital. She later gave birth to her fourth daughter in the year 2000.

Her sons are from her second marriage with a white man who she claims was only interested in having children with her but not marriage. The mother of 5 has been spending alot of time with two of her sons. She traveled down to where she has been spending quality time with them in Switzerland and shared photos of the cute boys.

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