Kenya’s Worst Companies to Work For in 2016

 Employees can now share their opinions about employers online. As a result, companies face new reputation risks that can affect their customers and shareholders.For the third year, Bridge international academies has been identified as the nation’s worst organisation to work for , this is primary based on reviews from jobs and career website and selected the 5 companies with the lowest ratings.complaints tended to focus on wages and hours worked. In many cases, these concerns focused on how difficult it can be for  employees to meet targets that qualified them for commissions and promotions In other instances, employees complained more about how they thought a company was not  involved  in open conflict resolution and poor HR policies .
Based on these reviews, these are the top 5 worst companies to work for in Kenya today:
1) Bridge International Academies
Bridge International Academies is a chain of over 300 low-cost private schools in Kenya with approximately 100,000 students enrolled. Bridge has designed an “Academy in a Box” model, which seeks to deliver high quality education through standardization.
A significant share of employee grievances was directed at middle management mostly the supervisors . The company only has a score of 2.5 out of 5 and only 34% of the employees are likely to recommend the company to family and friends :,
unlike  many private schools ,Bridge International Academies  offers entry-level workers low-paying high-stress employment. Bridge International Academies has added a number of schools in the past several years in Nairobi, reaching a total of  over 100,000 students in Kenya. According to numerous employee reviews, however, these new schools  are the most likely to be poorly run. One such reviewer complained about inconsistent schedules, unqualified teachers , part-time hours and overall chaotic management.
2) Equity Bank Kenya
Equity Bank is a wholly owned subsidiary of Equity Group Holdings Limited. Making it a member of the Equity Group Holdings Limited,  has a customer base in excess of 9.2 million in the six East African countries that it serves, making it the largest commercial bank on the African continent, by customer numbers .
Equity bank is not new to controversy in terms of compensation and promotion model.It’s current rating on is at 2.7 and only 42% of the employees would recommend Equity to family and friends as an employer, even though the CEO has an approval rating of over 80% .
Former and current sales staff also indicated that the commission structure, which rewarded employees for selling highly profitable products like civil servant loans, often felt arbitrary or unfair. One employee noted that, “they make you do a lot of operational work and since you are on commission you don’t get paid for that work.” another employee aslo stated that the management is quite rigid and communication process is extremely bureaucratic and  takes longer to make decisions ..
Another major complain was lack of fairness when handling employees Too much politics. Promotion with no immediate compensation. Does not reward or recognize loyal staff who have served for so long..
3) Techno Brain
Techno Brain is a custom software application development company provides IT Solutions, IT Products, IT Training and BPO Services in kenya and around the world and  is currently among the largest software developers in Kenya. Employees of the company are among the most miserable and , Numerous current and former employees reported poor management, under-staffing and high turnover, it currently has an overall rating of 2.6 out 5 on Like many other entry-level positions, sales jobs at Techno Brain tend to involve penalties for unmet sales goals. While these pay structures offer higher wages for high achievers, employees reported poor job security and unreliable work schedules.
A business Analyst stated that “ Training division tend to feel like the lesser beings as compared to solutions division. Poor compensation (per diems)”  this is a very common complain at Techno Brain with many also not happy with the HR structure stating that during interviews the HR personnel appear confused and some do not even understand English ..
4) Cellulant 
Some employees have expressed concern over the company’s increased focus on profits. “They’ve lost sight of their values — the bottom line comes first and the residents are last,” one reviewer said on , most reviewers are also talking about lack of salary reviews and poor wages , No clear HR structure and policy making it very difficult for one to grow,Despite these complaints, however,some employees feel that Cellulant is a better place to work just for experience purposes only since it’s in a very relevant field of building mobile banking solutions said an Implementation Engineer at Cellulant.
5) Haco Tiger Brands
Haco Tiger Brands, is a company co-owned by billionaire businessman Chris Kirubi and a South African firm, Haco Industries was established in the early 1970’s as single-product manufacturer.  From those modest beginnings, Haco Tiger Brands is now one of the region’s leading FMCG manufacturers, supplying a wide range of products to the entire East African and COMESA Markets but all is not well with it’s employees, it currently has a score of 2.9 out of 5 at  the main challenge at Haco is “The opportunity to match the existing staff together with new staff is missing. A new staff being compensated more as per the scales of the previous employer in relation to an existing staff who has to do a lot of training of the new staff” this is according to one Glassdoor reviewer and with many citing a difficult commission structure and the company’s ever-changing product prices.
Haco is also currently undergoing some management difficulties after it had a major scandal where top management had cooked profit figures to a tune of over 800 M KES  ( USD 8 M) , negatively impacting the half-year results of the Johannesburg-listed Tiger Brands, which owns 51 per cent of the Kenyan operation.In summary  A significant share of employee grievances was directed at middle management. Workers at these companies were also highly likely to disapprove of their CEO. Chief executives at 4 of the 5 worst companies to work for received positive approval ratings from less than half of their employees.  less than 30% of workers endorsed the CEO.In the case of a number of these businesses, poor remuneration, lack of proper HR structures,   weak earnings and a sinking stock price may all contribute to lower employee morale and negative perceptions of executive performance.





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20 comments on “Kenya’s Worst Companies to Work For in 2016
  1. We need to react in this one because work is what took a large potion in our lives.

  2. I worked in equity for 5 years. Which sales staff are these u are talking about? Equity bank doesn't have a sales department. Get ur facts? And who told u there's a beauracry in communication? Equity us the most flexible environment when it comes to decision making. How did it beat the competition? Flexible quick decision making structures. I could go on and on. Basically this post is trash as far as equity bank is concerned.

  3. "you worked".. Key word being "worked". Equity has alot of sales people paid on commission former Bebapay, current prepaid cards, and also for Amex staff are all sale people on commission. They are all suffering and let us not forget all the bank staff who the c.e.o bluntly said that they are all useless and dint contribute to the growth of the company and said that no one deserved a salary raise and bonus for the next 2 years. Yet they were the leading bank in profits for last year. If that isnt the height of impunity, just walk into any branch and you'll see that the staff count has shrunk by half as many many of them have resigned. The rest are just demoralized as they have no option than to work.

  4. Esther Owili says:

    Am not surprised about Bridge

  5. Wesonga….your grammer is not good

  6. I work at Cellulant, its certainly not one of the worst companies to work for in 2016.

  7. Angela you are in management you may never know what the low cadre go through

  8. The worst company to work for in 2016 is the jobless corner company.

  9. Great report I said the same about Bridge International Academies when they were setting up during my inteview with them and I declined to take the offer. Its very wrong to do things just because you have the money. I pitty our children in these schools.

  10. even the set up of this so called bridge international speaks by itself. I always wonder who approved and aproves those schools. they don't even meet the technical construction requirements.

  11. After writing all this now go ahead and create your own companies dont complain when many are still looking for jobs and cannot find them

  12. Tell them as they complain someone is wishing just to get that job

  13. John Wekesa says:

    Am not suprised to here Equity is on the list.

  14. I am one of Bridge’s almost 6,000 employees across Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, India, the UK and the US. I feel honoured to be a Bridge employee and I want people to know that they shouldn’t believe everything they hear on

    I joined Bridge in 2011. I had just finished Secondary School and was hired as an Academy Manager at an academy in Machakos. At the age of 19, I had a staff of 10 teachers, and was responsible for ensuring that 197 pupils were receiving a high quality education. It was a daunting task! It required me to be at the academy every morning at 6am and sometimes I wouldn’t leave until after 6pm.

    But it was worth it! I saw my whole community change. I saw children skip home from school with their homework books, excited to show their parents how much they had learnt. I saw parents crying because in a matter of months their children could speak English. I saw teachers become mentors to hundreds of children and feel the satisfaction every day that they were changing children’s lives.

    I strongly believe that what Bridge does is important. Roughly 2.7 billion people live on less than $2/day. In their communities, there is a huge gap between the education offered and the needs of the population. Too often the schools available to them fail to deliver for these families. The quality offered results in the average pupil from our communities complete primary school without the basic skills necessary to progress and grow in this world.

    Families are actively searching for a better academic alternative. Bridge was founded to serve those families. To listen to what they want, and find a way to bring it to them. To deliver a high-quality education at an affordable price.

    This is not an easy ask! It often involves long hours, difficult conditions and sacrifices in other parts of your life. What we do is not for everyone. What the Glassdoor comments fail to acknowledge is that if you are committed to Bridge, they are committed to you. After leaving Bridge to complete a University degree in Journalism and Communications, Bridge’s Nairobi office opened its doors and welcomed me back in its Customer Experience team. In this role I have learnt skills I couldn’t have possibly got at other, larger organisations. Every day I am given a new challenge to tackle. I have met Presidents, and been on the news, and danced with children at National Singing Competitions. I have travelled all over our great nation, meeting people from all walks of life. It has been exhausting, and exhilarating, and challenging, and fun!

  15. Equity bank was my first employer. It might not be the best but it is certainly not this bad!!

  16. All in all, they need to up their game. Some halls are very stuffy

  17. Wangui Wambui haha…that was a hurried response. Not much attention paid to it. U can ignore the errors. U'll still get the message. Ok sweetheart?

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