NTSA to regulate Boda boda riders, Bike condition and rider health critical, ferrying more than 1 passenger illegal



PHOTO: Left to right : NTSA CEO issuing a press statement regarding the new Boda boda laws

The transport authority has introduced traffic regulations affecting motorcycle operators countrywide against a backdrop of increasing accidents.

Among the rules is that a motorcycle rider should not carry more than one ride pillion. It is also mandatory for both to use helmets and reflective jackets.

The regulations also stipulate that it is illegal to carry a pillion and a load at the same time.

Only children aged 12 and below can be carried together with an adult provided the child is seated between the rider and the adult and wears a helmet designed for them.

Director general Francis Meja said NTSA will ensure the rules are strictly adhered to.

“As of Tuesday morning, the country had lost 338 motorcycle operators in road accidents since the year started. This figure is worrying,” he said.

Meja said motorcycle operators contribute to 20 percent of fatal accidents in the country.

Many accident and emergency wards across the country are full of patients injured in road accidents.

The rules provide that no motorcycle will be sold or transferred without two helmets and two reflective jackets.

Women are barred from seating facing sideways as the new rules state the pillion must rest his or her foot on the footrests provided behind the rider’s seat.

“Every motorcycle rider must ensure that a passenger sits astride the motorcycle,” one of the regulations reads.

Only disabled persons are exempted from this rule.

Additionally, riders must ensure headlights of the motorcycle are on at all times when riding.

The riders must also be overtaking on the right hand side and not to overtake in the same lane occupied by vehicle being overtaken.

Not observing traffic light, which is common with riders, is illegal according to NTSA

Riders carrying loads are required to ensure that no part of the load drags on the road, a common feature especially when ferrying construction metal bars.

Riders licenced to carry passengers must have their helmets painted yellow and be members of a sacco.

“A person who contravenes any provision of these regulations and whose penalty is not provided for in the Traffic Act commits an offence and is liable to a fine not exceeding Sh20,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months or, both,” the rule provides.

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