The Rise and Fall of Club Cubano – Once a dominant entertainment spot.


Have you been to Cubano lately? If yes , then you probably know what i am about to talk about, Well lets start on a good note. Cubano came into the market by opening its 1st club at Greenspan Mall Donholm. Its popularity grew because of its nice ambience which suited not only Kenyans but also the large population of Nigerians who inhabit the area. When it came to events, The club went guns blazing by organising a unique and a first of its kind theme night dubbed ” girls night out” The event celebrated the female artists in the industry having  featured Amani, Avril, hosts of female dj’s like Pierra Makena and eventually Victoria kimani who joined in volume 3 of the themed night . Things looked to be going well as it opened its second branch in Rongai. It even made strides in supporting the Kenyan music industry by having  Abbass kubaff and gabu with kristoff shoot their music videos bamba and So dirunk at the venue.

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So just a few months after its opening in Rongai we were in the area and wanted to pay it a visit. This was after getting bored at club platinum in Maasai Mall .The waiter who must have been eavesdropping our conversation retorted that the club was no longer operating. This got us surprised knowing that it had barely been opened. It seemed we had opened a can of worms when we rhetorically inquired what was the reason for its closure. ”They were kicked out because of not paying rent ”replied Peter who used to work there .He further explained that he had to quit because the owner whom he knew by only one name ‘Robert’ used to delay their salaries or sometimes not pay at all.At that time it was hard for us to swallow such allegations especially with the splendid reputation Cubano had created in the kenyan club scene.

We chose to ignore those allegations until recently when Victoria kimani’s concert #VictoriaKimaniAndFriends  backfired after the singer refused to show up stating on her Instagram page that Cubano had breached their agreement.

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In response Cubano Posted….

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Now allow us to re-introduce ourselves, this is KenyanHype. We get the story and give it to you Straight up! No chaser. Cubano is run by a small silly boy known as Robert. Just to make you understand the level of CON this piece of human fossil is playing, Nobody knows his second name, just Robert. No Instagram account and catch him dead the day he ever puts a display picture of himself on WhatsApp. The nerd apparently got the investment for opening Cubano from his parents. Soon, hanging out with celebrities and drinking heavily took a better part of his life thanks to his newly acquired Status. As we write this article he has been forcefully evicted from the premises due to accumulated arrears which would make the NYS looted cash look like a Childs play. A former waiter at the club revealed to us that this wasn’t the first time the club was facing closure, it was already out of business before Robert’s Parents came to the rescue by putting it back on its feet. He revealed the following artists, namely Kristoff,Gabu Of P unit, Abbas Kubaff and Bamboo were fond of drinking for free at the club and their tab would be settled by the owner ,Robert.

He continues to say that despite Robert always entertaining a bevy of beauties most of the time ,the one woman that has siphoned almost all his cash is kiss TV’s , Live On  Blast presenter Deedee.


Apparently all the Jamesons that you have been buying at cubano ,the money was spent in Mombasa by deedee and her friends.The waiter recalls a night they had merely gotten ksh 30,000 of sales when Robert who was in Mombasa at that time called them at 2am and orderd them to mpesa all the money they had accumulated .The next day the waiters reported to work at 2pm and phoned Robert stating they were out of alcohol to which robert replied ‘kama munajua hakuna pombe mumefungua club kwanini?‘The waiters went to an extreme extent of doing a harambee  themselves and buying their own stock just to be able to earn something on that day.Things went from bad to worse as Robert couldn’t even afford to pay the electricity bill.The club started operating only during daytime.Customers were surprised when candles were brought to their tables when night time reached. Eventually the clubs operations came to a halt.

We inquired on the just backfired Victoria kimani’s event to which he said ‘forget Victoria kimani,we the waiters weren’t even paid on that very night’.Apparently Robert  must have confused Victoria for her brother bamboo who usually performs for free after being offered a Half botty of jack Daniels. As we were leaving, a group had camped at the entrance requesting to see Robert because he hadn’t paid them for the tents they brought for the event. By this time the ink in our biro is almost running out writing all these allegations.Thereafter we were taken to a nearby garage where Robert’s vehicles have been held hostage for repair fees he has failed to settle.A shocking gesture more so on learning he forked out almost 500,000 to buy deedee a Subaru.

Robert might think the celebs he offers free alcohol are cool with him but we talked to a few rappers who reside in the area and their only sentiments were ”robeh akona ujinga tu sana,achana na huyo  fala”

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