VIDEO :: Embakasi East MP Hon Babu Owino arrested for Calling Pres. Uhuru Kenyatta “Son of a Bitch”


Embakasi East MP Hon Babu Owino is currently at CID Headquarters Kiambu road recording a statement over Mtoto wa Mbwa remark after Uhuru Jubilee deplorables stripped naked online crying a river for him to be arrested.

Anwar Sadat says: “It’s very sad that Kenyans had to be forced to close their businesses because Jobless and lazy Jubilee supporters decided to barricade roads.

Jubilee supporters don’t love this country. Their acts of economic sabotage will not be tolerated.

I didn’t see the children of Uhuru in the front of those demonstrations.”

– the things they always told us. #Vituvichenjanga!#

Alberto Nyaunyo says: When NASA youths take it to the streets to protest against kakistokracy, they are deemed as jobless.

When Mungiki take it to the streets to burn tyres and protest against a young man hon Babu Owino because he called an unnamed person son of a bitch, they shower them with saintly praises.

By the way, by blocking Kiambu roads, wamezuia Babu Owino kuenda wapi?

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