VIDEO : KENYAN Man Dies while Driving a Mark X and Recording himself on VIDEO

A man was killed late Tuesday night in a single-vehicle car crash on Nairobi Nakuru highway , according to police. Just before the crash the man was driving alone while recording himself driving at over 180 Km/hr when he crashed into a power pole and rolled several times 100  near the notorious black spot  according to police.

WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW:  The man died at the scene.

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12 comments on “VIDEO : KENYAN Man Dies while Driving a Mark X and Recording himself on VIDEO
  1. Isaac Keybirah says:

    speed kills stay safe happy holidays

  2. Ipoop EA says:

    uwongo… two non-related videos

  3. Alfred Nalerashida says:

    Kutupanga ndio mtawacha…these are two very different storoz…upuzi muwache..

  4. Leonard Kanari says:

    That's rubbish , that video is in Tanzania

  5. Speed kills yes…. but you have lied to us about that story…. coz the guy was Tanzanian and driving on Tanzanian road… how did he get on the Nakuru Nairobi highway

  6. Vic Wabwaya says:

    The guy driving is a Tanzanian and it happened in Tanzania. Stop stealing other people's videos and making up stories about those videos. Infact the driver survived but his recklesness ended up causing the death of two people who were in another vehicle.

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